Your Choice in Birthstone Jewelry Says a Lot about You

The history of associating specific stones with a birth month dates back to the first century when they were worn in groups and associated with Aaron’s breastplate and Christianity. Later, birthstones were related to positions in society. Early in the 20th Century, birthstones were standardized by the National Association of Jewelers, with a number of […]

Vintage Restoration and Repairs

Vintage Restoration and RepairsGrandma’s vintage ring or your favorite ring or pendant that you’ve had for years…Who do you trust to have it serviced or repaired correctly? Not only are we skilled enough to create just about any jewelry you desire, but we are trained in vintage restoration and repairs with over 40 years of […]

Watch Batteries & Band Adjustments

Does your personal timepiece keep accurate time? Are you afraid losing your watch because the catch does not stay closed? Would you like to have your watch band checked and repaired before it breaks? One of our in house jewelers has 20 years of experience maintaining Rolex, Movado, Tag, Baume et Mercier and many other […]

Why Palladium?

Palladium…Why palladium?  Many of you know that I’ve been using palladium since 2002…but why? Well here it is:  I love Platinum, but in 2001 and 2002 platinum began to be too expensive for some people, and so I started using a lot more 14K and 18K white gold. As you may know, there is no […]