About Elichai

  • Elichai in Livingston Gallery

    The artistic community of Livingston, Montana is home to our primary production studio and our main gallery.

  • Nate and Elichai at Yogo Mine

    Yogo Sapphires are some of the best in the world, and mined in our back yard. We work closely with top sources to secure the best gems on the market.

Elichai’s Vision

Elichai sincerely believes in jewelry as an art form, and that it should be made to stand the test of time. He is passionate in his pursuit of excellence in all aspects of his craft, and his passion gives life to everything we design and create. He continues to stretch himself to grow in his mastery of the craft as he seeks to learn little used techniques and nearly forgotten methods.

His sincere care for his clients and devotion to their needs sets him apart. In an industry where many designers on his level are consumed with ego and elitism, Elichai seeks to serve each person he designs for with utmost respect. He believes his role in jewelry design is primarily to facilitate the revelation and realization of your stories and dream.

Elichai’s Company

Elichai’s company has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years, and it has been fueled by his commitment to excellence and understanding the imaginations of his clients. As demand for his designs has increased, he has sought to gather team members with similar values and complimentary skillsets so that he can better serve those who appreciate and share his passion for the lasting artistry of handmade custom jewelry. ELICHAI Fine Jewelry is the expression of that collaborative effort to create world class jewelry that embodies his virtues.

Elichai’s Story

Soon after beginning his formal apprenticeship in 1999, Elichai began to gain a reputation for designing breathtaking works of art. His attention to detail, commitment to creating exceptionally unique jewelry, and an old-world approach to his craft led to many custom commissions. Reports of his blossoming artistry carried throughout the United States as he worked to revive the fading art of hand-crafted, heirloom jewelry. After studying with some of the most respected jewelry masters in the industry, Elichai’s career continued to flourish.

Incredibly accomplished by any standard, Elichai’s achievements are even more remarkable for a designer and jeweler his age. He has been featured as one the industry’s top “next generation” jewelers, and his jewelry business has been nationally acknowledged as one of the fastest growing studios in the industry. In addition to numerous awards for his designs, he has won the “Ultimate Bench Jeweler, Wax Carving Division” in Chicago, and was a repeat winner in hand engraving at the national “Bench Pressure Challenge”, both skills which he has continued to improve upon in the years since. His reputation now greatly exceeds the awards which bolstered his reputation in the early years of owning his own gallery and custom studio.

Elichai has continued to study with the premier instructors in the industry, masters in their respective specialties. He received one on one instruction in hand rendering (painting and drawing), wax carving, and hand engraving, and has himself been sought after as a stonesetting instructor. The many of the skills in the skillset he has developed are becoming increasingly rare in America as most jewelers move towards automated production and outsourced manufacturing.

Custom Fine Jewelry

Elichai attributes his growth and success to his God-given talent, his commitment to quality, and his amazing teachers. Elichai has the ability to create designs that are perfectly suited to each client. His creative approach to quality custom jewelry and extraordinary client collaborations inspire his beautiful designs.

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