About Us

Our Story

The story of ELICHAI Fine Jewelry is the deeply authentic story of Elichai, the designer, and the growth of ELICHAI, the House which bears his name and virtues. From a young boy in Honduras learning metal-smithing from his father to an acclaimed international jewelry designer working in Montana, Elichai’s story is one of dedication, integrity, collaboration and creativity.


Origins of Inspiration

In his late teens, while traveling in Israel, Elichai experienced an epiphany that would profoundly shape his life. It was at that time he began to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class jewelry designer and craftsman.

Elichai soon accepted an apprenticeship with master jeweler Don Baide in Bozeman, Montana. Under the tutelage of Mr. Baide and other master jewelers and gemologists around the country, Elichai soon excelled and quickly established himself as a premier talent. With the tremendous support of his family, Elichai has continued to elevate his craft and adhere to uncompromising standards of quality and integrity.

Edwardian Style Diamond Ring

Enduring Craftsmanship

Classic beauty transcends time. It defies trendiness. Every ELICHAI Jewel is handcrafted with these timeless aesthetic principles in mind. Elichai and his designers design each piece to express the soul of the wearer, composing jewelry as original as its owner. Exquisite gemstones are set to feature and preserve their beauty. Precious metals are embellished through meticulous hand engraving and thoughtful ornamentation. The end result is stunning — lasting treasures to be cherished for a lifetime, as long as memory itself.


Creative Collaboration

To design is to dream. We like to dream abundantly at ELICHAI Fine Jewelry. Montana’s “Big Sky” is truly the limit when it comes to our custom jewelry design possibilities. We go far beyond the typical idea of “custom” in our pursuit of the extraordinary and the one-of-a-kind.

We emphatically believe custom jewelry design is a collaborative process that involves melding a customer’s unique vision with our creativity and artisan skill. Our design process empowers each customer to imagine the impossible and then watch as raw ideas are transformed into astounding, once-in-a-lifetime jewelry. We believe that when we design a jewel for you, it should say something about you; your life, your passions. By incorporating your style into the designs, it almost becomes part of you; a part of your legacy.