Our Staff


Lois joined us as a goldsmith in 2009 and has proven to be an amazing artisan. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lois moved to the Gallatin Valley in 1999 for a change of scenery, but with mountains still in mind. Her professional experience is wide and deep in the industries of art, design, engineering, and drafting.
Her incredible eye for detail sets the precision of her work as a high standard. Her excellence in stonesetting and engraving cause her to be another integral part of our team.


James is one of the most proficient bench jewelers in the country. A third generation jeweler, he moved to Montana after running his own repair business in a high traffic are of New Jersey for twenty five years. He handles all of our repairs, including our watch work. Because of his extensive experience, we are able to take in any and all repairs, especially those which other stores have turned away. We are thrilled to have such a skilled repair technician on the team to compliment the other goldsmiths.


Nate is from the USA but grew up in Senegal, Africa, adding to the unique cultural environment of our staff. He has lived and worked around the country in numerous management roles and has chosen Livingston, Montana as the place to settle down. His love for his family and his trustworthy and generous personality have made him an essential part of ELICHAI over the years he has been here.

Nate is the one who makes things get done. While the artists are dreaming, Nate is crunching numbers. He covers all of the logistics of our business, from shipping finished pieces to brokering precious metal sales, and balancing the checkbook. You can count on him for a chipper answer, a quick system analysis, and creative problem solving. His behind the scenes work is what moves a design from an idea or sketch to a treasure for the client. And keeps the lights on.